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What’s it like to work with findability?
Watch our case study in website design.
findability owner - Phil Gutteridge

hey there!

I’m Phil.

Business owner, digital marketer, Dad, Marvel-loving, Aaron Sorkin geek.

And this is findability.

The findability mission:

To help business owners get found online.

The findability vision:

Our highly experienced team work with high-value, scalable business who want more repeat business and new customers.

Our team provides branding, marketing, and lead generation services that produce a positive return on businesses’ investment.

Reach out and say hello!


findability - the art of being found online

SEO. Search Engine Optimisation and Google’s Algorithm.

What does that all mean?

It means that when a potential client is using Google or other search engines to locate a trade or profession, Google and its complex set of rules will show the user a result that is guided by the rules Google has programmed.

Our team are in the know. We use tools to crack Google’s code and ensure you get found when your trade or profession is being searched.

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